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The bundle of 2 courses -  Principles of Business Valuations and  Income Approach and the International Cost of Capital.


Principles of Business Valuations  is an introduction to the principles of business valuation. The purpose of this course is to introduce the novice valuation practitioner to an overview of the areas of analysis that are common to a comprehensive business valuation. The two overriding course concepts involve the evaluation of growth and risk. Qualitative risk is considered in company analysis and industry and macroeconomic analysis as well as financial ratio analysis. Quantitative risk is considered in the evaluation of financial risk and leverage. Subject company growth is assessed as part of the forecasting exercises as well as in the selection of market multiples in the market approach to value.


Income Approach and the International Cost of Capital  is an introduction to the income approach to value. It is assumed that the student has completed iiBV 101. The purpose of this course is to bring together the concepts and tools of iiBV 101 with the new material of the income approach. After completion of the course, the student will have been introduced to all three approaches to value. This course will also introduce some new concepts necessary to address the correlation and conclusion of value. The objective of iiBV 102 is to enable students to master the fundamental theory and practice underlying the income approach to value. This basic body of valuation knowledge is common to all countries. After understanding the fundamentals of the income approach students should be capable of adapting the theory to the challenges and issues in specific markets and countries.


VAT Included
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